Attacking with g2-g4

Attacking with g2-g4

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The Modern Way to Get the Upper Hand in Chess

Von Dmitry Kryakvin

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The secret of its success may be its anti-positional look. The pawn thrust g2-g4 is often so counter-intuitive that it’s a perfect way to confuse your opponents and disrupt their position. Ever since World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik started using it to defeat the elite grandmasters of his day, it has developed, on all levels of play, into an ever more popular and attractive way to fight for the initiative.

Grandmaster Dmitry Kryakvin owes a substantial part of his successes as a chess player to the g2-g4 attack. In this book he shows how it can be used to defeat Black in a number of important Closed and Semi-Closed Defences and Flank Openings: the Dutch, the Queen’s Gambit, the Nimzo-Indian, the King’s Indian, the Slav and several variations of the English Opening.

With lots of instructive examples, Kryakvin explains the ins and outs of the attack on the g-file: the typical ways to gain tempi and keep the momentum, and the manoeuvres that will maximize your opponent’s problems. After working with this book you will be fully equipped to use this modern battering ram to define the battlefield. You will have fun and win games!

Dmitry Kryakvin is an International Grandmaster from Russia and an experienced chess trainer and author.



006 Explanation of symbols

007 Preface

009 Part I Botvinnik’s heritage

010 Chapter 1: A cultural check

021 Chapter 2: Heavy artillery

034 Chapter 3: Isaak Lipnitsky’s favourite position

039 Part II The Dutch Defence

041 Chapter 4: The Krejcik Gambit

049 Chapter 5: Attacking with a cast-iron alibi

065 Chapter 6: A pistol shot against the Stonewall

075 Part III The Queen’s Gambit Declined

076 Chapter 7: Strolls with the Queen’s Gambit

105 Part IV The Nimzo-Indian Defence

106 Chapter 8: Even if the Devil is helping you

124 Chapter 9: In the footsteps of a great rivalry

131 Part V The Anti-Nimzo-Indian

132 Chapter 10: The Groningen Attack, or Zviagintsev-Krasenkow Variation

148 Part VI The Slav Defence

152 Chapter 11: The Shabalov-Shirov Gambit

194 Chapter 12: Inverted chess

217 Part VII The King’s Indian Defence

219 Chapter 13: The Portisch-Gipslis Variation

233 Chapter 14: The Riazantsev Variation

244 Chapter 15: The secret nooks and crannies of the Makogonov Variation

257 Part VIII The Grünfeld Indian Defence

258 Chapter 16: The Murey Attack

264 Chapter 17: 21st century creations

275 Index of names

281 Index of variations

287 Bibliography

288 Author’s biography

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