Queen’s Gambit Structures

Queen’s Gambit Structures

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Understanding before Moving - Vol. 2

Von Herman Grooten

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Thinkers Publishing

Volume 2 in a new series by Herman Grooten

In my view the average club player will be more pleased with an opening book in which a profusion of ideas is offered. If this is also structured, you can hope that the readers will acquire the necessary understanding of standard positions. On the basis of this guideline, developing an opening repertoire could easily turn into a pleasant pastime.

Together with my Belgian chess pal Daniel Vanheirzeele, the owner of Thinkers Publishing, I have been enabled to discuss the backgrounds of openings in a much more detailed manner, something I couldn’t do in my article series because of the lack of space. 

This book series is about that central question: what matters in the opening? What plans are on hand? Which (hidden) concepts are concealed in the current position that has arisen just after the opening?

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