The King Is a Powerful Piece!

The King Is a Powerful Piece!

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Von Tigran Gyozalyan

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Cowering in the middlegame, towering in the endgame: chess theory teaches that the king needs protection from enemy pieces until the ending, when finally it can come out from hiding to decisive effect. But what if the king can take care of itself, and even march out to battle with its army? FIDE Master and coach Tigran Gyozalyan fills a gap in the chess literature with the first systematic exploration of the king’s role and capabilities in the opening and the middlegame.

Relying on a selection of more than one hundred international games, the author shows how strong players - from Steinitz and Alekhine to Karpov and Kasparov - transcend general chess advice to put the king to good use and tip the scales in their favor. Illustrative games and positions to deepen your understanding complement this comprehensive treatment.

Broaden your chess horizons, get the edge on your opponents and show them, when they least expect it, that The King Is a Powerful Piece.

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