The Comfort Zone

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Keys to Your Chess Success

Von Daniel Gormally

264 Seiten, kartoniert, 1. Auflage 2021

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Thinkers Publishing

Have you ever wondered why you do well in certain tournaments and not in others? If your opening choices are the right ones? If your attacking play is good, bad, or Tinder swipe left ugly?

In this entertaining account, the author explains how to achieve success in chess we need to understand our what works for us, but to achieve true mastery we should prepare to go beyond our zone of comfort.

Along the way he takes us on a journey through his own world of discovery and explains how he became one of the best chess players in England. It’s a deeply honest and at times tragicomic memoir as he also reveals his strategy for taking on his biggest rivals and how best to use computers to improve your chess.



005 Key to symbols

007 Introduction

009 Chapter 1. The comfort zone

029 Chapter 2. The war against superficiality

039 Chapter 3. How I prepared for the British

055 Chapter 4. The Brooks Koepka method and the importance of competitive conditioning

081 Chapter 5. Why computers are narrowing opening theory

103 Chapter 6. Understanding with Mr Liem

123 Chapter 7. Grandmaster vs Amateur

143 Chapter 8. How to defeat certain types of players and the lockdown tournament

173 Chapter 9. Kasparov and the rule of twelve strengthening moves

203 Chapter 10. Madman theory

215 Chapter 11. Gorm attacks: the good, the bad and the Tinder swipe left ugly

223 Chapter 12. The platform and the Petroff

241 Chapter 13. Revenge pawn

257 Games index

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