The Life and Games of Carlos Torre

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Second revised & extended edition

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Thinkers Publishing

Here is what has been added to this edition:

  • More accurate and extensive annotations using ChessBase and Stockfish 14.
  • Torre’s own annotations to several games have been unearthed and added.
  • Added games to give a more rounded view of Torre. Also the six games between players other than Torre that he annotated for the Mexican Championship tournament book.
  • Many more diagrams and photographs. Also more thumbnail bios of Torre’s opponents.
  • More ancillary material about Torre’s life and career: newspaper articles, pictures, anecdotes, interesting facts, opinions, trivia etc.
  • A 1927 interview with Torre, published in the Yucatán magazine Anahuac.
  • Excerpts from 64 Variaciones Sobre un Tema de Torre by Germán de la Cruz.
  • Columns and articles from newspapers in Torre’s home town of Mérida.
  • “A Clash of Opposites,” comparing and contrasting Torre with the notorious Norman Tweed Whitaker.
  • The full text of Torre’s 1926 booklet Development of Chess Ability.
  • A review of Torre x Torre, a fascinating documentary film.
  • A more extensive, more fully informed overall assessment of Torre as a player.
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