The Seven Deadly Chess Sins

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The Most Common Causes of Disaster in Chess

Von Jonathan Rowson

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Everyone loses chess games occasionally, but all too often we lose a game due to moves that, deep down, we knew were flawed. Why do we commit these chess-board sins? Are they the result of general misconceptions about chess and how it should be played? And how can we recognize the warning signs better?

In this thought-provoking and entertaining book, Jonathan Rowson investigates, in his inimitable style, the main reasons why chess-players sometimes go horribly astray, focusing on the underlying psychological pitfalls:

  • thinking (unnecessary or erroneous)
  • blinking (missing opportunities; lack of resolution)
  • wanting (too much concern with the result of the game)
  • materialism (lack of attention to non-material factors)
  • egoism (insufficient awareness of the opponent and his ideas)
  • perfectionism (running short of time, trying too hard)
  • looseness ("losing the plot", drifting, poor concentration).
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