World Chess Championship 2016

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Sergej Karjakin vs. Magnus Carlsen

Von Jerzy Konikowski und Uwe Bekemann

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In 2013 Magnus Carlsen became world champion after his victory over Viswanathan Anand. He has been dominating the top of the international chess scene ever since – and almost at his liking. Now, defending his title against the not much older Russian Sergey Karjakin was on the agenda. All their prior match-ups were ‘teeth and claws’ affairs with the Norwegian only scoring a slight plus. 

However, Sergey Karjakin surely did his best to push his opponent off the throne. From November 11th to 30th the Fulton Market Building in New York became the arena of the fight for the crown of the world chess champion. Exciting games, played at the highest level and thoroughly annotated, will guarantee the reader’s delight.

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