She Plays To Win

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Von Lorin D‘Costa

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Thinkers Publishing

Find your role model. This book contains games from every single female World Champion, as well as young up and comers, top seasoned professionals, streamers, and even a section at Beth Harmon from the recent famed Queen’s Gambit hit show. This book is not just for girls and women, however. Any chess player can learn from these games and discover female chess history, both from the famous players in the past right up to the present day.

Lorin D’Costa is a 37 year old International Master, born and living in London, England. He is the current England Women’s Coach, having been with the teams at the World Chess Olympiad in 2018 and the European Team Championships in 2019 and 2021. He is a full time chess coach in London, where amongst his successes as a coach he has won the National UK Girls Under 11 and Under 19 Schools Championships every year with his schools for the past 5 years.

He is the only coach to lead a girl’s only school to the National England Under 9 and Under 11 schools finals (top 8 schools in England) including boys. He has done this for 6 consecutive years. He is an England Junior International coach, with some of his pupils taking top 10 placing at World and European Youth Championships. On a personal level, his peak FIDE rating of 2485 (April 2009) placed him in the top 1000 in the world rankings, and he counts his best individual game as his win over Ian Nepomniachtchi, who played Magnus Carlsen for the World title in 2021.

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