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IV Ladies World Correspondence Chess Championship, Final 1984-1992

Table of Results

All Winner's Games, L. Belavenets


XII World Correspondence Chess Championship, Final 1984-1991

Table of results

All Winner's Games,G. Sanakoev


International Correspondence Chess Markov Memorial 1987-1992

Table of results

Openings Review, M. Podgaets

Selected Games


International Correspondence Chess Simagin Memorial 1985-1991

Table of results

Selected and annotated games, A. Beliavsky, I. Morozov, Mikh. Tseitlin, A. Korolev, L. Levin, B. Persits, E. Bakhmatov


Theoretical Articles

Dutch Defence A80, G. Nesis

Sicilian Defence B40, Mikh. Tseitlin

Ruy Lopez C78, A. Korolev

Keres Defence D06, I. Rausis

Winawer Gambit D10, A. Matsukevich

Nimzo-Indian Defence E38, A. Gipslis


Annotated Games


Index of Players

Index of Openings

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