C.O.O.L. Chess

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Von Paul Motwani

192 Seiten, kartoniert, 1. Auflage 1997

Sprache: Englisch


C.O.O.L. Chess is the sequel to H.O.T. Chess, one of the most innovative chess manuals of the 1990s!

Grandmaster Motwani continues to explain his easy-to-use acronym-based approach to chess thinking, and shows how Creative Original Opening Lines can bring astonishing over-the-board successes.

The many brilliant games in this book includes victories by Motwani against some of the world's best players, whom he has outwitted in the first stages of the game.

Paul Motwani is a former World Under-17 Champion, and Scotland's first grandmaster. He is renowned for his tremendously imaginative chess. This is his second book für Batsford.

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