1.e4 vs Minor Defences - GM Repertoire

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Alekhine, Scandinavian, Pirc, Modern

Von Parimarjan Negi

432 Seiten, kartoniert, 1. Auflage 2020

Sprache: Englisch

Quality Chess

The fifth volume of the Grandmaster Repertoire - 1.e4 series provides a top-class repertoire against the Alekhine, Scandinavian, Pirc and Modern Defences, plus various offbeat alternatives Black may try. Negi’s latest work continues the winning formula of his previous books: the 1.e4 repertoire is founded on established main lines and turbo-charged with the innovative ideas of a world-class theoretician, making this an essential addition to the library of every ambitious player.

Parimarjan Negi is a former child prodigy who became a Grandmaster at the age of 13. He was Asian Champion in 2012, and played on Board 1 for the Indian team which won bronze medals at the Tromsoe 2014 Olympiad.

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