Beating the Najdorf Rare Lines

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6.a3, 6.a4, 6.Nb3, 6.Bd2, 6.Bd3 etc.

Von Ranko Szuhanek

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A comprehensive guide through the Najdorf Sicilian jungle that enables you to find your way to security and initiative with the black pieces.

The so called “rare lines” have become extremely popular in recent times, so we offer you a single volume “solution” to all the nuances and complications that may arise in these less common lines.

Over the years some of the variations covered in this book got a strong following among the professionals and amateurs alike (6.h3 in particular), while some remained less explored and essayed only by the very elite (6.a3, or 6.Qd3).

IM Szuhanek presents you his deep and diligent analysis of all the possible (and reasonable) White tries with focus on more common lines. Throughout the book you will find many improvements for both sides, but with author’s clear preference for the black side.

Now you got a highly practical weapon to tackle all the White’s pesky Najdorf options!

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