The Modernized O’Kelly Sicilian

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Von Jan Boekelman

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Thinkers Publishing


Writing forewords is usually a routine task. The person who writes the foreword introduces the subject matter and how the author’s contribution ties into the sub-ject matter. It is common for the author and the person who writes the foreword to know each other quite well. But in this case, I have never met Jan Boekelman from the Netherlands therefore I must skip the usual comments about the author and discuss the author’s text.

The content had a profound enough impact on me that I decided to add the O'Kellyto my repertoire within a short period of time when participating in my first luckless US championship this year. While I lost both of my games to Super GM Sam Shankland and one of the best players in the world, GM Wesley So, the outcome of both openings was more than satisfactory for me. Given that I only added the O'Kelly as a surprise weapon for one game, it was pretty remarkable that it worked the second time since GM So could easily have anticipated facing it.

You are in for a treat. Jan Boekelman is either a chess enthusiast who likes to learn different openings in-depth, a very competitive player or a bit of both. In either case Jan has provided you with a playable repertoire out of a somewhat sideline of an opening.

This is something which no one has dared to attempt before. I offer the following suggestions to maximize your benefit from this book.
1. Try to expand your knowledge in the 3.c3 variation and go beyond the book's content.
2. Deepen your knowledge in the 3.c4 variation and do not play it before you know it well.
3. Study the games of super GM Vladislav Artemiev as he has had a relatively successful run with this opening in rapid online events.

Generally, I am a man of few words, which also applies to this foreword. I hope you find as much fun as I had while reading this book and learn the nuances of this opening while enjoying the newest evaluation of modern engines in this opening!

GM Elshan Moradiabadi
Durham, North Carolina, United States of America, October 2022

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