The Chess Manual of Avoidable Mistakes

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Von Romain Edouard

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Thinkers Publishing

In this book, the author shares the experiences, setbacks and successes of his career as a professional player.
Drawing on his own games, which encompass all stages of his career including that of strong grandmaster, he reveals his thought process at the critical moments and shows the reader how to avoid the most common mistakes. Every chapter is followed by carefully selected exercises on the featured theme. The exercises will resemble a practical game as much as possible.

Romain Edouard, currently rated 2665, is part of the new generation of top French GMs. He was taught chess at age five, became the European u-16 Champion, runner-up in the World and European u-18 Championships, an IM in 2007 and a GM shortly after. He was the French co-champion in 2012, winning the strong Al ain Open that year as well. He helped his team win 2nd place in the 2013 European Team Championship, earning a gold medal for his individual performance on board 3. He just recently won the 2014 Dubai Open and has assisted a former FIDE World Champion at many events.
This is his first book.

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