Dynamic Play in The World Champions’ Masterpieces

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In this book I collected 40 games of the World Champions, which should depict their usage of the dynamic play in the most accessible manner. You will be able to examine how they treated all the dynamic aspects of chess throughout their careers, and how much their ideas contributed to de­velopment and evolution of chess technique.

Also, you fill find 120 additional exercises with 120 different types of positions exploring the Champions’ ability to sense the dynamics, tactics and victories! That part of the pre­sented material should be used as a workbook of chess tactics, so you can test your tactical prowess trying to find the way the legends applied dynamics in their games.

I dedicate this book to all the chess lovers, hoping to inspire them to embark on the most beautiful journey into the mysterious subtleties of CHESS DYNAMICS, a truly intriguing aspect of modern chess.

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