Your Jungle Guide to Chess Tactics

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Sharpen your Tactical Skills!

Von Peter Prohaszka

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Grandmaster Peter Prohaszka is one of the top Hungarian players, crossing the 2600 level in 2014 at age 22. He won the U14 European Chess Championship in 2006. He won the gold medal on board one as a member of the Hungarian youth team which went on to win the U18 European Team Chess Championship in 2010. He achieved the grandmaster title at age 17 and has been a member of the Hungarian National Team.

One of his biggest achievements is winning the 2018 Benasque Chess Festival, one of the strongest annual open tournaments in Spain. He is currently studying in St. Louis, Missouri (USA). He represents Webster University, which has the best chess program in the country. At the 2019 Pan American Intercollegiate Team Chess Championship, he captured the gold medal on board one, helping his team to a second-place finish.

"There are countless puzzle books available. However, it is very surprising that there is virtually almost none that gives a comprehensive overview with all of the frequent tactical motifs and themes that occur in practice. The ones that I am aware of are either largely incomplete, not systematic, without text, or old, and therefore the analysis contains lots of mistakes. The ambitious goal of this book is to fill this critical gap by addressing all of these issues.

Each of the 25 Chapters contains a thorough introduction with the games best showcasing the motif at hand. Next, the puzzle sections specifically aim to reinforce the reader’s pattern recognition. There are 365 training puzzles in total, and all of them have a 1-5 star value to show the level of difficulty. The solutions are given at the e nd of every chapter.

"This book is dedicated to ambitious players who want to improve their game, as well as for coaches to help their students get to the next level." - Peter Prohaszka

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