Anatoly Karpov's Full Colour Chess Primer - First Level

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Chess is the game of kings, and in this book you will learn how to play from the king of chess, Anatoly Karpov, who won the world chess championship many times.

You will read about the nature and behaviour of the pieces. You will learn to attack energetically and defend calmly. You will discover a number of tricks and traps that you can use to trip up unwary opponents and, just as importantly, which you will learn how to avoid falling for yourself.

Having completed your journey through this book with the help of one of chess's all-time greats you will be ready for your first chess battle - against Mum or Dad, against a friend or a computer, in the Internet or in a competition.

This book will enable your child to master the rules of the game in a relaxed manner, and will help him or her to conquer new heights not only in chess but in life too. This is because chess develops patience, logical thinking and memory, and teaches how to use time rationally.

Teachers, coaches and parents with no more than a smattering of chess preparation can use this book to teach children the basics of this complex game.

This book is printed in full colour and will be a great present for children wanting to learn about this ancient and complex game.



Chess and life

Chapter 1. The chess board

Chapter 2. The chess pieces

Chapter 3. The rules of chess

Chapter 4. How to play at the beginning of the game

Chapter 5. Mating combinations

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