Tal, Petrosian, Spassky and Korchnoi - A Chess Multibiography with 207 Games

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Von Andrew Soltis

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This book describes the intense rivalry-and collaboration-of the four players who created the golden era when USSR chess players dominated the world. More than 200 annotated games are included, along with personal details-many for the first time in English.

Mikhail Tal, the roguish, doomed Latvian who changed the way chess players think about attack and sacrifice; Tigran Petrosian, the brilliant, henpecked Armenian whose wife drove him to become the world’s best player; Boris Spassky, the prodigy who survived near-starvation and later bouts of melancholia to succeed Petrosian-but is best remembered for losing to Bobby Fischer; and “Evil” Viktor Korchnoi, whose mixture of genius and jealousy helped him eventually surpass his three rivals (but fate denied him the title they achieved: world champion).

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