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344 Seiten, kartoniert, 1. Auflage 2021

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Sahovski informator


Duda – How I won the World Cup

Ivic & Mio. Perunovic – World Cup Fairy Tale

Leitao – South Americans in the World Cup

Perunovic – Duda’s World Cup Black Repertory

Foisor – St. Louis Rapid&Blitz (Tournament review)

Moradiabadi – Sinquefield Cup (Tournament review)

Gormally – Danny’s Chess Diary (Northumbria Masters)

Priyadharshan K. – Asian Masters – Meltwater Tour (Tournament review)

Davies – Understanding the Openings (The Semi-Tarrasch part 1)

Szabo – Anti-Marshall 8.a4 d5!? (Opening Survey)

Prusikin – A Story about Horses and Elephants (Knight versus Bishop)

Petrov – World Championship Game Changers – part 1

Rogers – Reggie Emilia 1984/1985 (Rogers’ Reminiscences)

Griffin – A Tribute to Iron Tigran (Polugaevsky-Petrosian 1970.)

Traditional sections: games, combinations, endings, Tournament reviews, the best game from the preceding volume and the most important theoretical novelty from the preceding volume.

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