The Chess Pub Quiz Puzzle Book

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Who is MC Hammer and other Chess Trivia

Von Dimitri Reinderman

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New In Chess

The most famous team ever participating in a chess pub quiz was MC Hammer. The team members are pretty decent chess players and happened to know their bit of chess trivia and chess history. Do you know or can you guess their names?

This book offers a collection of hundreds of chess trivia and chess-related trivia. You can use it by yourself, solving puzzles. Or you can use the book for multiple thematic pub quizzes at your local chess café or chess club.

Enjoy. The best game ever.

Grandmaster Dimitri Reinderman won the Dutch championship in 2013, is one of the few chess players with purple (or blue) hair, and loves games. During the pandemic, he created the holiday season in-house chess pub quiz for New In Chess publishers.

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