Classical Dutch

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Von Jan Pinski

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Everyman Chess

The Classical Dutch is an ambitious and underrated defence to queen's pawn openings. With the first few moves Black creates an asymmetrical pawn structure which unbalances the position from a very early stage, allowing both white and black players to fight for the initiative. Now, for the first time in recent history, International Master Jan Pinski delves into the secrets of the Classical Dutch, studying both the positional motives and tactical nuances for both sides. Pinski deals with the theoretical main lines as well as the crafty side variations, updating the reader on all the new important wrinkles.

International Master Jan Pinski is a young and talented player from Poland, who is also well regarded as an openings theoretician. This is his second book for Everyman, having co-authored Sicilian Kalashnikov with the Danish International Master Jacob Aagaard.

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