Back to Basics: Chess Openings

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A comprehensive guide to chess openings

Von Carsten Hansen

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There are few things worse than starting a game of chess and before you get settled in, you are stuck with a bad position that has you on the heels for the rest of the game. This book will help you get off to a better start and select openings that suit your understanding and balance your chess studies.

Back to Basics: Openings will help you understand and play the openings in chess much, much better. It will also help balance your studies of openings, and give you a recipe as to how to obtain better results from your openings and how to approach a variety of situations relevant to our topic of openings.

The book covers critical concepts, including:

  • Opening Principles
  • How do I decide which Opening to Choose?
  • An Introduction to opening Theory
  • Opening traps
  • and much more
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