The Complete c3 Sicilian

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Von Murray Chandler

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The c3 system has always been viewed as a difficult one for Black to meet, but recent years have witnessed a wholesale change in its image. No longer is it a try for a slight edge; now it has captured the imaginations of attacking players such as John Nunn and Judit Polgar. Indeed, many players who had given up 1.e4 entirely have been tempted back, now that there is a fierce weapon against the Sicilian that doesn't require a lifetime of preparation.

This book, by a noted expert, covers all lines of the c3 Sicilian, and provides guidance for both White and Black in attacking plans, follow-up strategy in the middlegame and tactical tricks - the 'drops of poison' that have claimed countless victims.

  • Includes Deep Blue's historic victory with the c3 Sicilian over Garry Kasparov
  • Thorough and up-to-date coverage of one of the most topical openings of the 1990s

Murray Chandler played in every Olympiad from 1976 to 1992, first for his native New Zealand, and subsequently for England, twice taking the medal for the second best overall performance. Garry Kasparov numbers among his victims with the c3 Sicilian. He is editor of the British Chess Magazine.

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