The Queen's Indian Defence

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Von Bogdan Lalic

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Cadogan Chess

Since its popularisation by Aron Nimzowitsch and the Hypermodern School in the 1920s, the Queen's Indian Defence has become one of Black's most reliable defences to 1. d4. It enables Black speedy development of his forces and active piece play against the white centre and is an ideal companion to its close relation, the Nimzo-Indian Defence. Nowadays the Queen's Indian is a cornerstone in the repertoire of many of the world's leading players, including Jan Timman, Viswanathan Anand and Anatoly Karpov.

In this book Grandmaster Lalic, an expert on both the white and black sides of the Queen's Indian, provides a thorough survey of the main lines. Particular emphasis is given to currently fashionable variations that the reader is likely to encounter in his or her own games. Bogdan Lalic became a grandmaster in 1988, since when he has been one of the most active and successful players on the European tournament scene. He now lives near London with his wife Susan, who is a women's international master.

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